Conduct Policy

Safety and Inappropriate Guest Behavior

​The safety and comfort of both the (Spa Guest) and the (Spa Masseur) are of utmost importance. Either party can end the session at any time if they feel uncomfortable for any reason.

Intoxicant Policy:

Heavy alcohol use or drugs can significantly reduce the benefits of your wellness spa experience and may even cause harm. As a result, if a spa guest arrives at a session heavily under the influence, the spa masseur may refuse to provide the wellness spa service, and the spa guest will still be charged for the session.”

Sexual Misconduct

Your Spa Masseur strictly provides non-sexual/sensual self-care companionship. Any inappropriate sexual behavior will result in immediate session termination, and full payment will be required.

Spa Masseur/Guest Relationship

Your Spa Masseur and the spa guest will work together with the sole purpose of wholeheartedly supporting the guest in achieving their spa wellness goals.

Scope of Wellness Spa Services

Your Spa Masseur is committed to providing only the services for which he is qualified. If a Spa Masseur cannot provide the support a spa guest needs, they will refer the guest to the appropriate professionals, ensuring the guest’s well-being is always the top priority.

SPA Guest Rights

​Your Spa Masseur encourages you to express your needs and preferences, such as indicating the areas you would like to receive more or less attention or anything that would help you to feel more relaxed, comfortable, and safe. Input from the spa guests will always be welcome and appreciated.

SPA Guest Confidentiality

Rest assured that at our wellness spa, we uphold the privacy and confidentiality of each spa guest. Our Spa Masseurs maintain strict confidentiality regarding all records and interactions.

SPA Guest Privacy and Undraping

In most cases, spa guests undress completely for a body ruhb, but the level of undress is entirely up to each guest’s comfort. Guests are given privacy to undress before the body ruhb begins. During the body rub, only the area of the body being worked on will be uncovered, while the rest will be covered with linens. The Spa Masseur will always respect the privacy and modesty of its guests.


Your spa masseur will have washcloths available for spa guests who would like to freshen up before their wellness session. Your spa masseur kindly asks that spa guests be mindful of cleanliness for the session. In turn, the spa masseur will ensure sanitary conditions, using clean sheets for every session and sanitizing hands and arms before and as needed throughout sessions.

Fees, Cancellations, and Late Policy

Please take note of the following guidelines:
– Tips are discretionary, not mandatory, and always appreciated.
– Payment is expected at the beginning of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Cash (in USD) is preferred, but credit card payments are accepted through Square with a processing fee. You card charge will appear as (Suite Spa LA)
If the Spa Masseur needs to cancel a spa appointment, they will make every effort to give the spa guest 24 hours’ notice and offer to reschedule the appointment.
– If a Spa Guest needs to cancel an appointment, they should do so at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in a charge for the session.
– If a spa guest is late for their appointment, the spa masseur will make every effort to accommodate them. However, if scheduling does not allow for this, the spa guest will still be charged for the full session.