A premium room service wellness spa delivery for solo/single female travelers.

Self-care companionship for Executive, Professional, and Career women visiting Los Angeles, USA on work assignments, leisure, or getaway vacation tours.

Imagine indulging in a soul healing self-care-focused experience by a straight male companion, “Spa Masseur,” with a no-rush, full-body caressing experience in the comfort and privacy of your Hotel Suite or Airbnb Vacation Home.

The AmericanBoyFriendEXP is available for room services near all hotels, airports, and points of interest destinations in the greater Los Angeles, USA. So, you don’t have to travel or leave the comforts of your own environment. SPA DELIVERY MAP

A quiet, non-smoking Penthouse, Presidential, Master Suite, Junior Suite, Bungalow, Deluxe Room, or Airbnb Vacation Home is preferred. Your space should accommodate (7) spa equipment bags for the Premium Date Night Spa Party. Packages are available for standard room accommodations as well. between 60 to 200 square feet is ideal size. 

Yes, your safety is the #1 priority. Solo travel is bravery, and our virtual ID verification, check-in, and check-out protocols protect your personal safety, anonymity, and identity. Your bold adventure begins here. 

Don’t worry—it’s no problem at all. Your solo travel journey is bold, and your self-care companion will be patient and support you through any language barrier.

You can halt your experience for ANY reason; your preference will be honored but you will not receive a refund.

It is not uncommon to feel shy, inhibited, or body conscious. It’s okay. That feeling will quickly disappear when your experience begins. You’ll slip away into a guilt-free, sensual self-care adventure that heightens your entire body’s sensations.

Never, the experience is an organic date night pace that ensures quality self-care time and attention is spent with you so you can enjoy your personal bliss.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered (literally!). Your self-care companion will provide the spa attire you need to enjoy every moment of your body caressing experience.   BATH SPA FITNESS

You will receive the top 10 suggestions for a healthy SPA Experience once your date is planned.

Yes, you must complete all pre-arrival/registration requirements a few days in advance if possible so that we can properly plan your date. You are also welcome to join the waitlist for last-minute openings.

No, the wellness SPA is always one-on-one, private, and discreet.

Your single friend’s surprise wellness SPA experience can be coordinated. Birthday girls, single bridesmaids, and relationship recovery are the most common surprise SPA experience.

ABFE provides treatment options for all body areas. 20+ self-care products you are welcome to explore. Products are selected for health, wellness, safety, and pleasure. Products are made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients: animal test-free, vegan, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. You are encouraged to incorporate your personal products as well.

Driving and parking in Greater Los Angeles, USA, is a challenge. The goal is to save that healing energy for what matters most: your self-care bliss. It also provides a designated driver for your Spa companions’ safety and extra security for arrival and departure time.

USD cash payment is preferred, but your spa masseur also accepts debit and credit card payments. Remember that credit or debit payments have additional fees, so plan accordingly.