At times, a human touch is the only natural relief. You are busy, but you still desire to be nurtured. A new relationship is a task you don’t have the energy for. Were here to help you return to your best self and receive the bespoke self-care companion you’ve wished for. Prepare yourself for the perfect landing in Los Angeles, USA.

Available near all major airports, hotels, and points of interest in the Greater Los Angeles, USA area. 


We understands you value your wellness and occasionally need uncomplicated mental, physical, and emotional support. Consider exploring a self-care travel companion to help you make the most out of your solo travel experience in Los Angeles, USA.

The goal is to help you bridge the gap between your personal priorities, work deadlines, and wellness while in Los Angeles, USA. It is not a small task, but we’ll supports your challenge.

We’ll design a bespoke support plan like we did for our client “Leah A”. You, too, can arrive as your best self at your next travel destination.

“The magic of a SCTC (self-care travel companion).” Leah A had a significant deal closing meeting scheduled, and two days before the meeting, she woke up with overwhelming anxiety and personal doubt.

She feared she wouldn’t perform well. Her doctor-prescribed medication didn’t provide relief either.

We customized 48 Hours of travel companion self-care support, including an inflight session and a fun fitness workout on the morning of the meeting to boost Leah’s mental and spiritual confidence. The meeting was a success, and the deal was closed.