Because You're Worth It

Premium Self-Care Experiences for Solo Women

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience. Take control of your own adventure and treat yourself to our premium room service wellness spa. Designed exclusively for executives, professionals, and career women traveling to Los Angeles, USA for work or vacation, our self-care experiences are tailored to meet your every need.

How Does It Work?

Self-Care Delivered

No driving, parking, or waiting rooms. It’s time to renew yourself with a no-rush, self-love experience in the comfort of your Hotel Suite or Airbnb Vacation Home. Upgrade your stay in Los Angeles, USA without lifting a finger. 

Your Spa Retreat + Adventure Destination Is Here

Experience The #1 Date Night Wellness Spa

Are you looking for the perfect Los Angeles, USA, activity that focuses on nurturing your mind, body, and soul? Whether traveling from afar or simply seeking a relaxing local getaway, our wellness spa delivery is tailored for busy women like you who deserve to feel celebrated, pampered, and rejuvenated without relying on a partner. It’s time to relax, let go, unwind, and experience the perfect morning, noon, or night of Spa Wellness + LA sightseeing adventure.

VIP & Jet-Setters

Premium Self-Care for Executive, Professional and Career Women

Busy? Yes. Burdened? No. Explore our bespoke VIP self-care travel companion services to make the most of your trip in Los Angeles, USA.


The Ultimate Self-Love Experience

Experience wellness like a royal. Browse our 20+ self-care services, all delivered straight to your door by your male self-care companion.


Your spa wellness companion has arrived; treat yourself to the perfect healing escape in the comfort of your Hotel Suite or Airbnb Vacation Home with a full-body caressing experience.


It’s no secret that a woman’s skincare routine is the most important to her, yet the most challenging to nail. Enjoy our LED red light facial, ozone face steamer, foot bath, perfect back & legs scrubs, and more. Your self-care companion will have you glowing from head to toe.


Experience simple, low-impact exercises and equipment that support womens’ bodies. Your self-care workout companion will coach you every step of the way.


What’s better than self-care? A self-care companion dedicated to setting the mood for mindfulness. You will be pampered in ways you never imagined or could accomplish alone. It's time to take your self-care to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, your safety is the #1 priority. Solo/single travel is bravery, and our conduct policy, virtual ID verification, and check IN/OUT protocols protect your personal safety, anonymity, and identity. Your bold adventure begins here


20+ self-care products & treatments you are welcome to explore. Products are selected for safety, health, wellness, and pleasure—you’re always welcome to incorporate your favorite products.


Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered (literally!). Your self-care companion will provide the spa attire you need to enjoy every moment of your body caressing experience. 


New Customer Special

Complimentary 30 Minutes Extra

For your Date Night Spa experience.